Hydura Ultra Wall

Hydura Fiberglass Pools are built with proven manufacturing processes and stringent quality control.

Shell Technology

  1. Crystite Gelcoat: Engineered for fade, stain, and scratch resistance.
  2. Vinyl Ester Resin: Designed for corrosion and impact resistance.
  3. Ceramic-Infused Resin: Provides increased flexural stiffness.
  4. BiMax Radius Reinforcement: Adds tremendous omnidirectional strength.
  5. Carbon-Infused Technology: Highest compressive strength of all reinforcing materials.
  6. Dupont Kevlar Aramid Fibers: Uniquely combines high strength and thermal stability.
  7. Woven Roving & Marine-Grade Resin: Reinforcement that dramatically increases the strength of the pool shell.
  8. Closed Beam Construction: Creates unparalleled strength and rigidity.